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dydados basket lids



Carrying the dydados basket lid in your trolley is the most comfortable and safe way to carry your baby’s things. The lid protects the entire inside of the basket so that your baby’s things are safe and dry. 

Access to the basket is via zips to protect the privacy of all your baby’s belongings and prevent any unexpected losses.

Now rain, dust, sand or snow are no longer a problem. 

Each lid has an exclusive pattern for each of the pushchair models, thus achieving maximum fidelity to all the anchorages and all the fastenings of each pushchair. In this way the basket remains closed and in complete harmony with your trolley model, respecting each of the characteristics of your pushchair (if the chassis has a light, the basket lid also maintains it).

The basket lid accompanies at all times any movement or posture that the pushchair adopts (even when the basket is widened, Bugaboo Donkey) so that there are no gaps or holes at any time. 

The fabric of the cover is waterproof and has a similar texture to the basket, protecting the basket from water, dust and dirt.

They are designed and handmade in Spain, always using top quality materials.

La forma más cómoda y segura de llevar las cositas de tu bebé

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